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What is DEXART?

DEXART is a metaverse, a digital world, where users create and monetize their content, play games, complete quests, communicate and interact with each other with the help of avatars. The world has its own history and mythology, it is autonomous and can exist on its own.

DEXART helps people to use Web3 tools to develop their businesses and improving their personal qualities. Users can buy and sell digital land, earn and spend tokens, open offices of companies and interact with NFT-items. 

What is DXA token?

DXA token is a cryptocurrency, that is backed by the attention of DEXART metaverse users. DXA emission is conditional: it occurs when a user spends time in the metaverse, interacts with content and performs active actions. For example, completes quests.

Also, DXA tokens can be produced at TPF - Token Production Facility by spending energy units. More about the production of DXA tokens - https://energy.dex.art/.

What does the Dexart metaverse consist of?

DEXART consists of 25 districts with different topography. In some of them you can meet wild animals, walk through the forest or enjoy mountain landscapes, in others you can visit public spaces and offices.

Each district has unique activities and mechanics available to users and companies. Businesses and users can interact with each other - this is also an integral part of our metaverse. Thanks to users and creators of DEXART, the digital world is constantly evolving - NFT games, quests, brand sites and much more appear in different locations.

What makes Dexart different from other metaverses?
DEXART is a metaverse for business building, professional and personal development. We help companies, creators, entrepreneurs to establish a new level of interaction with the audience, find brand ambassadors and attract people's attention.
Which districts are available for sale?

Sales are currently open in the following districts:

Central District. The heart of our metaverse, where all new DEXART users enter the world. Concerts, community meetings, parades, discoveries of new places, marathons - life is constantly in full swing here;

Business District. This area brings together startup creators, entrepreneurs, top managers, experts - those who are passionate about their ideas and are looking for like-minded people, investments or platforms for their implementation;

Decentral District. "Blockchain Capital" of DEXART, where companies and projects created to develop the concept of Web3, blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies flourish;

Education District. This area is for those who are constantly looking for new knowledge and can spend a whole day in a library. Lectures, seminars, meetings of book and science clubs constantly take place here;

Gambling District. A place for those whose lives are filled with passion. Here you'll find a huge gaming arena, mostly hidden underground. Visit evening races, sports competitions and other events;

Inventive District. Those who love a relaxed lifestyle and comfortable work environment find their peace here. In this area there are business centers, and company offices, as well as bars, and concert venues;

Creative District. Artists, designers, creators and other extraordinary personalities come here from all over the metaverse when they want to share their talent with other DEXART users.

New areas open gradually - updates can be found directly on the DEXART map.

How do I make sure that the payment was successful and the parcel now belongs to me?

Each buyer receives a confirmation of purchase to the email specified in the profile. First, the site is assigned to the user and "blocked" until the NFT is sent - we plan the mint to take place  in the fall of 2022.

Can I sell my parcel?
This feature is coming soon, and at this stage, only primary sales are taking place.
What are the filters in the top left corner for?

They help to customize the search:

- Button with multi-storey buildings highlights parcels adjacent to large buildings;

- The button with the image of the route highlights parcels located near roads and intersections;

- Button with waves shows coastal areas;

- The button with the dollar symbol helps you select the price category of the site: high, medium or low.

The sliders below turn the display of icons over public spaces and lots available for purchase on and off .

What can I do on my parcel?
Buy a plot and build an office, an NFT farm, a club, a skyscraper or your dream home on it. The site will become your author's object, with which you can earn.
What can I do in the digital world?

Create your avatar and start exploring the DEXART metaverse! After purchasing a parcel, you can:

— Enter your parcel, walk in it and decorate it as you please;

— Communicate with other users;

— Grow plants;

— Complete quests;

— Work and earn DXA token;

— Interact with companies and influencers;

— Attend events;

— Hold conferences, parties and other events;

— Buy and sell NFT items.

The list of available actions is constantly growing.

Why should I buy a parcel in DEXART?

A parcel of land in the metaverse is a great investment for those who want to invest in Web3 and grow their income. It is constantly growing in price, and even if you do not create buildings on it, you can earn money by reselling the land later.

Use the parcel to grow your business: open an office, a public space or a branded location. The objects that you create can be rented out to earn tokens. The cooler the building, the higher the price will be.

Your parcel can be used to achieve your personal goals or for entertainment: digital land owners are given exclusive access to some functions and games. Set up an NFT garden and sell your crops - the rarest plants will earn a worthy reward.

What are Demo spaces?
These are virtual spaces where you can try the experience of visiting the virtual world. After pressing the Demo Land button on the map, you can create your virtual character - an avatar, personalize your appearance, link your crypto wallet and add your NFT items. Currently 2 demo spaces are available: a villa with a training quest to get acquainted avatar controls and interaction with objects, and OTON Hall Roof — a picturesque space for multi-user interaction on the roof of the OTON Hall.
What is a parcel map?
Parcel map is a small text bubble, that appears after you tap or click on a parcel. There you can find the info about the price of the parcel, its coordinates and unique ID number.
What is POI?

POI is a Point Of Interest — this is a general name for significant objects of attraction in DEXART. For example, DEXART Museum, Avatar Hub, DEXWARD University ... Also, the center of attraction for users are branded locations. Each point of interest is marked with a spark. By clicking on it you can see the information card of each POI.

How to stake DXA?

Welcome to a new way of increasing the yield of your tokens in the attention economy of our world. Introducing special generators for DXA staking.

Generators are located on the world map and connected to the Token Production Facility. You can find them on each parcel that has been purchased (by you or someone else). There you can add DXA tokens from your balance to the generators. To stake your tokens select a generator on a parcel – use the filter on the map, which shows the available generators, they are marked in green. Then load your DXA from the balance into it. Make sure to read the staking conditions in the selected generator.

The longer the staking period you choose, the higher the percentage of income. The most profitable contracts provide an interest of 24% per year. Land owners who rent out their generators receive 3% of the revenue generated from staking users who rented the generator.

Read step-by-step guide for staking on the world map.

What is a multi-user mode?

This is a special mode that allows several users to meet in DEXART. At the top of OTON Hall there’s a meeting point where Dexartians can spend time together. It’s called OTON Hall Roof. 

Dexartians can communicate via the text chat or allow the use of microphones on their devices to talk to each other.

How can I produce DXA tokens with Energy Units?

After you've purchased Energy Units, find the TPF on the map (it's located in the sea south from the Business District. Click on it and you will see the interface that invites you to load the Energy Units and start token production.

How to buy parcels?

Watch the video instruction or read step-by-step guide for buying parcels on the world map.

Where can I see my activated Energy Units and tokens that they've produced?

To see your produced DXA tokens and activated Energy Units simply click on the Token Production Facility. There you will also see the free storage space you have left. 

Is the storage of the Token Production Facility limited?

Yes. As DXA tokens are produced they get stored in the TPF storage. But it has a limited capacity. To grow the capacity you need to buy more Energy Units. If the capacity is reached, the production of DXA tokens stops and you need to harvest them to your balance to start the production again.

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